South Mountain Economics combines government data with proprietary data analytics to present a  compelling picture of current growth and future trends.


March 2017: “How the Startup Economy is Spreading Across the Country–and How it Can Be Accelerated”(for Progressive Policy Institute and Technet)

March 2017: “The Coming Productivity Boom” (with Bret Swanson)(for Progressive Policy Institute and the Technology CEO Council)

September 2015: “A Low-Cost and Flexible Approach for Tracking Jobs and Economic Activity Related to Innovative Technologies” (for Nesta)

November 2014: “Connections As A Tool For Growth:Evidence From The LinkedIn Economic Graph” (for LinkedIn)

June 2014: “London: Digital City On the Rise” (for Bloomberg Philanthropies)

April 2014:“San Francisco And The Tech/Info Boom: Making The Transition to a Balanced and Growing Economy”(for Bloomberg Philanthropies)

January 2014: New York Times Op-Ed: “New York, the Silicon City” 

 Writing in the New York Times, Dr. Michael Mandel of South Mountain Economics shows how tech/info growth has been a positive force in New York  City, helping minorities and the outlying boroughs.

September 2013: “Building A Digital City: The Growth and Impact of New York City’s Tech/Information Sector”(for Bloomberg Philanthropies

On September 30, 2013,  the Bloomberg Technology Summit released a new report by  South Mountain Economics. The report, “Building A Digital City,” documents how the growing tech/information sector helped New York City outperform both the national economy and the surrounding suburbs.

South Mountain Economics LLC cited in new White House broadband report

On June 14, 2013 the White House released “Four Years of Broadband Growth.”  The report prominently credits South Mountain Economics research showing that the App Economy is responsible for “creating more than 500,000 U.S. jobs since 2007.”

South Mountain Economics: Expertise in emerging occupations and emerging industries. 

Our reports get attention.  Our estimate of App Economy employment in the U.S. was widely cited in media such as the New York Times,  Bloomberg, and Forbes (see the Press page).

We operate globally. For example, we are now engaged in identifying and estimating emerging occupations in the United Kingdom.

South Mountain Economics was founded in 2010 by Dr. Michael Mandel, with 25 years experience in studying emerging occupations and industries (see the Bios page).