South Mountain Economics combines government data with proprietary data analytics to present a  compelling picture of current growth and future trends. Some recent papers and articles by Dr. Michael Mandel:

February 2018:  How Cloud Services Can Add $2 Trillion to GDP Over the Next Ten Years  

October 2017: Wall Street Journal Commentary: “Get Ready for the Internet of Goods”

September 2017: “How Ecommerce Creates Jobs and Reduces Income Inequality”

September 2017: “An Analysis of Job and Wage Growth in the Tech/Telecom Sector”

May 2017: Wall Street Journal Commentary: “Robots Will Save the Economy” (with Bret Swanson)


March 2017: “How the Startup Economy is Spreading Across the Country–and How it Can Be Accelerated”

March 2017: “The Coming Productivity Boom” (with Bret Swanson)

South Mountain Economics: Global expertise in emerging occupations and emerging industries. 

South Mountain Economics was founded in 2010 by Dr. Michael Mandel, with 25 years experience in studying emerging occupations and industries (see the Bios page).