PPI Policy Papers by Michael Mandel

Dr. Michael Mandel is chief economic strategist of the Progressive Policy Institute, where he supervises PPI’s research and policy work in economics.  His recent policy memos and briefs for PPI include:

U.S. Investment Heroes of 2013: The Companies Betting on America’s Future (September 2013) (with Diana G. Carew)

Investment Heroes

Can the Internet of Everything Bring Back the High Growth Economy? (September 2013)

Internet of Everything

Data, Trade, and Growth (working paper) (revised August 2013)

The Rebalancing Of The California Economy: How Internet/Tech Jobs Are Spreading Across The State (May 2013)

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Regulatory Improvement Commission: A Politically Viable Approach to U.S. Regulatory Reform (May 2013) (with Diana Carew)

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Student Debt Investment Fund (SDIF): A Preliminary Proposal for Addressing the Student Debt Crisis (March 2013) (with Diana Carew and Jason Gold)

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Beyond Goods and Services: The (Unmeasured) Rise of the Data-Driven Economy (October 2012)

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Manufacturing in the App Economy: How Many Jobs Should We Aim For? (May 2012) (with Diana Carew)

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Hidden Toll: Imports and Job Loss Since 2007 (March 2012) (with Diana Carew)

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.25.36 AM

Measuring the Real Impact of Imports on Jobs (March 2012) (with Diana Carew)

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Scale and Innovation in Today’s Economy (December 2011)

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Innovation by Acquisition: New Dynamics of High-Tech Competition (November 2011) (with Diana Carew)

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How A Competitiveness Audit Can Help Create Jobs (November 2011) (with Diana Carew)

How the FDA Impedes Innovation: A Case Study in Overregulation (June 2011)

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Reviving Jobs and Innovation: A Progressive Approach to Improving Regulation (February 2011)

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The Coming Communications Boom?: Jobs, Innovation and Countercyclical Regulatory Policy (July 2010)

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